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Why Should You Choose Short Sale Pros?

  • -We are FTC MARS compliant
  • -We are aggressive
  • -We handle business locally, regionally and nationally (40+ states)
  • -Over 60 years experience in the industry
  • -We use our trained in-office processing personnel, not farmed out to careless phone jockeys
  • -Accurate case file assessment. We conduct scheduled audits and examinations for strategy on each case file.
  • -We are attorney backed.
  • -Well recommended.
  • -Direct Client to Lender operation.

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What does Proving Hardship mean?

Usually, to qualify for a Short Sale, you, the homeowner, will have to prove "hardship".   Short Sale Pros is here to help on this issue.  heretohelp

Hardship typically means that due to some extenuating circumstances, you are unable to continue making payments on your mortgage.  A hardship situation forces you into a position where you simply can't afford the mortgage anymore.  Here are some typical examples of hardship:

  • Your current employment is forcing you to move
  • You have your own business but it is failing
  • You've had to file for bankruptcy
  • You've gone through a divorce
  • Your spouse or significant other has died
  • You are unemployed or have lost your main income source
  • You are unemployed due to a health concern
  • As a result, you have mounting medical expenses
  • You home has decreased in value substantially