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Why Should You Choose Short Sale Pros?

  • -We are FTC MARS compliant
  • -We are aggressive
  • -We handle business locally, regionally and nationally (40+ states)
  • -Over 60 years experience in the industry
  • -We use our trained in-office processing personnel, not farmed out to careless phone jockeys
  • -Accurate case file assessment. We conduct scheduled audits and examinations for strategy on each case file.
  • -We are attorney backed.
  • -Well recommended.
  • -Direct Client to Lender operation.

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Short Sale Pros "Did You Know?" for November 2010
Short Sales in the News

Banks Face Another Mortgage Crisis

The government may have bailed out the nation's biggest banks, but now the courts will sort out who gets stuck with mortgage losses. Banks could lose more than $100 billion.

JUST WHEN AMERICA'S MAJOR BANKS seem to be back on their feet, having paid back federal bailout money and cranked up their employee bonus programs, a new threat has emerged that could seriously affect their earnings power over the next few years.

The potential liability facing bankers arises from ...


Home prices likely flat in 2011: NAR
Five years from now, many will say 2010 was year to buy: economist

NEW ORLEANS (MarketWatch) — Nationwide, homeowners can expect little, if any, increase in home values in 2011, the National Association of Realtors said in a forecast released Friday at the group’s annual conference in New Orleans.

And it will take another two years to clear the foreclosures and short sales on the market, said Lawrence Yun, the group’s chief economist, at a news conference.

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Short Sales Resisted as Foreclosures Are Revived

PHOENIX — Bank of America and GMAC are firing up their formidable foreclosure machines again today, after a brief pause.
But hard-pressed homeowners like Lydia Sweetland are asking why lenders often balk at a less disruptive solution: short sales,...  Read more


Short sale may not kill new-home dreams

Dear Dr. Don,
I am considering a short sale on my house. I am upside down about $2,000 a month on a $3,500 a month mortgage. Working with the bank for a workout package has been fruitless.

My income has gone from about $200,000 to $85,000 and is deemed "deficient" by the mortgage company. If I go through with a short sale, do I have any chance of buying a home again in the near future?
-- Ben Buyer

Answer Dear Ben,... Read more