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Why Should You Choose Short Sale Pros?

  • -We are FTC MARS compliant
  • -We are aggressive
  • -We handle business locally, regionally and nationally (40+ states)
  • -Over 60 years experience in the industry
  • -We use our trained in-office processing personnel, not farmed out to careless phone jockeys
  • -Accurate case file assessment. We conduct scheduled audits and examinations for strategy on each case file.
  • -We are attorney backed.
  • -Well recommended.
  • -Direct Client to Lender operation.

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As surprising as this may sound; The Lenders are grateful for our services, too! Here’s why-


  • -We’re organized and non-emotional.  We speak with different lenders all day, everyday. We keep our files organized and in order for the lenders. We know the right people. Who would you think has a very wide scope of knowledge in this industry on who is in charge and who is doing what? The Short Sale Pros, that’s who.

  • -Banks ultimately deal with us, because they must avoid foreclosure if at all possible. And here’s why- When a bank forecloses on a home it not only faces losing nearly half the debt repayment value plus expenses, but the note on the property becomes a non-performing loan. This affects the amount of money a bank can borrow from the Federal Reserve. It also affects the rate at which they can buy and sell the loans (the cost of money).

  • -Since banks only make money by borrowing from the Fed and lending to the public, they must borrow as much as they can, as cheaply as they can. Every non-performing loan increases the wholesale rates, and reduces the total amount the bank can lend to the public, affecting their bottom line profits.

  • -The bank knows if the property is foreclosed, it goes to auction and is sold for (hopefully) what is owed on the first mortgage. And if there is a second loan, this leaves the second mortgage holder getting absolutely nothing almost all the time. Not good for that second lender.

Think about it – if you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you rather recoup something rather than nothing at all?

So for the bank it’s a capital decision. In a successful program using our firm, the out come is significantly more successful for everybody. The bank gets some money, gets back on track with the borrower, and more importantly they keep a non-performing loan off their books. The homeowner avoids foreclosure and saves his credit, and the stress and embarrassment for his family. And he saves the value of every home on his street. Think about your neighbors!

Even your Home Owners Insurance Agent loves us! Have them call us for help, too!

If you think we are attempting to save your home and repair your credit, trying to help out our country’s financial institutions, preserve the American Dream, and protect your retirement and future investment portfolios, YOU’RE RIGHT! We pride ourselves in operating in a professional atmosphere, using ethical and honest business practices. We constantly retrain for the assurance of up to date information and policies. And we have on staff attorneys, title examiners, realtors, loan officers, processors and counselors standing by for assistance. So spread the word!


Call us today!  1(866) 784-HELP.